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    Education and Training

    The Department of Education and Training is responsible for coordinating all activities for the education and training of all

    • Registered Animal Scientists (RAS),
    • Graduate Animal Scientists (GAS) and
    • Members of Staff in the Institute.

    One of the major activities of the Education and Training Department is the implementation of the Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Training (MCPE). The training programme is aimed at educating Animal Scientists on old and emerging issues in animal husbandry to increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

    As part of the mandates of the Institute, education and training of its members is designed to make the Animal Scientists more efficient in the discharge of his/her assignment of achieving national animal protein sufficiency.

    The training therefore provides for the use of the most proven scientific and management practices to produce high quality meat to meet domestic and export purposes.
    The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science fully recognizes that every professional body must invest in the up-grading of its member’s capabilities through training to meet with the latest development in the science and practice of the profession.

    Thus, training and re-training of members is to ensure that Animal Scientists are sufficiently skilled about projects management, financial accounting and feasibility studies.

        The provisions of the Act, as prescribed in Part 2a, grants Council the power ‘’to prescribe and regulate the standards of academic qualification and practical skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as Members’’
    It is customary with Professional Bodies to do qualifying examinations for young professionals just graduating from the Universities. The successful graduates will then be admitted into the Council. Since 2013, the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science has embarked on qualifying examination for graduates of Animal Science seeking admission into the Institute as Graduate Animal Scientists. The purpose of qualifying examination is to improve the standard of the profession and ensure that graduates inducted have gone through basic training in the University. 

    Graduates of Animal Science from year 2013 and above will have to sit for the Graduate Animal Scientist Examination. Successful graduates will then be admitted into the Institute and inducted as Graduate Animal Scientists.




    The payment for GAS Examination should be done through the Federal Government Treasury Single Account (procedures for payment can be downloaded from the Institute website: www.nias.gov.ng) 

    Deadline for submission of form online: May 15th, 2017

    Date of Examination: July 1st, 2017

    Pleas note:

    1.Every Animal Science graduate from 2013 must take the Graduate Animal Scientist (GAS) Examination

    2. Every Graduate Animal Scientist must attend minimum of 2 years Mandatory Continuing Professional Education training in succession to be able to register as Registered Animal Scientists or else take qualifying examination to be registered.

    3.Only candidates that passed the GAS examination will be inducted into the Institute as Graduate Animal Scientist. This is in addition to the clearance by the University

    Click here for Regulations for GAS Examination........


    Mandatory Continuing Professional Education topics for 2017
    Series 8, Modules 22 – 23

    Module 22: Farm to Export - Regulations and requirements in Export of Livestock Products

    Module 23:Livestock Business Financing.






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    Image 1 Affiliates


    Module 22: Farm to Export -Regulations and requirements in export of Livestock Products.(facilitated by Nigerian Export Promotion Council)

    Module 23: Livestock Business Financing (facilitated by Central Bank of Nigeria)





    NIAS Activities in Pictures

    Participants at 2015 Mandatory Continuing Professional Educational Training at Ibadan


    Trainer (Mrs. Omotoso) at 2015 Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Training at Ibadan.


    Immediate past President of NIAS (Prof. Placid Njoku) and current President ( Prof. I.F.Adu) at 2015 induction in Ibadan