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    The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) Act 26 of 2007 as amended by Act 05 of 2015 empowers the Institute to regulate the practice of Animal Science, for increased profitability to all stakeholders and to guarantee improved Animal Husbandry practices that will embrace environmental sustainability and will also ensure high quality and quantity of animal protein to Nigerians. Section 3(g) of the amended act seeks to promote all Animal Science activities and welfare of animals to effect efficient and scientific production.
    In its bid to ensure the enforcement of its regulations in the Livestock industry, the Institute created the Inspectorate Department in July 2015 to ensure enforcement of standard practices in the industry with a view to ensure safety of animal products, promote trade in Animal products both locally and internationally. The headquarters is situated in Ibadan. Therefore NIAS Inspectorate Department is responsible for administering and enforcing NIAS act and regulations as it affect the Animal husbandry practices and ensure that members of the Institute adhere strictly to code of conduct they sworn to in the practice of their profession.

    Operation of the department covers all animal husbandry disciplines including Feedmils, Hatchery, Commercial Animal farms, specialized farms, and animal processing industries, Abattoir/Slaughter slabs, Beef and Dairy production among others.

    Some of the functions of the Department include the followings:
    -Provision of an effective and uniform administration of laws, rules and regulations within the NIAS mandate.
    -Promotion and enforcement ofcompliance in the regulated industry through consistent education and Inspection visits.
    -Encouragement of sustainable partnership and collaboration with relevant organisations within and outside the industry for improved production practices, food safety and trade promotion.
    -Review of options for preventive and corrective actions and explaination of requirements to regulated parties
    -Carry out designated functions including the inspection of premises and sampling of produce from imported and local origin for analysis as regards Animal husbandry and Livestock services.
    -Draw up annual inspection programmes for the industry.
    -Monitor personnel and developments in the Industry.
    -Advice and liaise with the industry on various animal husbandry issues and profession.
    -Periodic checks of animal products to ensure approved maximum residue levels are observed.
    The Department carries out its responsibility through coordinated and organised actions that include, Field Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Enforcement, Collaboration and Partnership, Implementation and Quality Control.




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    NIAS Activities in Pictures

    Registered Animal Scientists Inductees during induction ceremony at Ibadan 2015

    imageTrainer and participants at IFIF Global Animal nutrition program: Train- the- Trainers capacity development for implementation of codex code of practice for good animal feeding held at  Sheraton Hotel Lagos Oct. 28th-30th 2015


    Graduate Animal Scientists inductees during 2015 induction ceremony.