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The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) commenced operations in 2008.


Regulation of Animal Husbandry practices for increased profitability to all Stakeholders’ and guarantee improved Animal Husbandry and Production Systems that will embrace environmental sustainability and ensure high quality and quantity of animal proteins to Nigerians


To be the foremost regulatory Institution for Animal Science and Husbandry practice in Africa that will improve the standard of living of its people.


Nigerian Institute of Animal Science was established for the profession of Animal Science with the following functions:

a. Prescribe and regulate the standard of academic qualification and practical skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as Members, Associates or Fellows of the Institute as the case may be;

b. Prescribe the code of conduct for Animal Scientists;

c. Regulate the practice of the profession for Animal Scientists;

d. Establish and maintain a register of Animal Science Practitioners under this Act according to their various ranks and regulate the prerogatives and privileges pertaining to those ranks;

e. Ensure that Animal Science Practitioners in Nigeria uphold the ethics of the profession and guarantee the production of high quality animal proteins;

f. Advance the education, science, technology and art of Animal Science and livestock production;

g. Promote the production of Animal;

h. Promote rapid production of high quality Animal proteins through scientific methods, and regulate all issues pertaining to Animal husbandry in Nigeria;

i. Advice and encourage the enactment and the enforcement of laws that will guarantee efficient production and consistent supply of high quality Animal proteins to Nigerians;

j. Educate the public on Animal Science activities;

k. Co-operate or affiliate with any relevant association on Animal production either locally or internationally; and

l. Establish, update and maintain a Register of Animal Scientists under this Act according to their various ranks and to regulate the prerogatives and privileges pertaining to those ranks.

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NIAS Activities in Pictures

image .: NIAS President (Prof I.F Adu) in a meeting with Management staff of the Institute :.


image .: Group Photographs of NIAS President,Former Registrar Dr. G.O. Oyediji, Management staff with National Board for Technical Education officials :.


image .: Group photograph of NIAS: President,Former Registrar Dr. G.O. Oyediji and Management staff in a meeting with Executive Secretary (National Board Technical Education) in NIAS board room:.