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Accreditation and Curriculum

In keeping with the mandates of the Institute, the Accreditation & Curriculum Affairs Department watches over the Departments of Animal Science through Professional Resource Verification of teaching resources of Institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Mono-technics) and also ensure that Animal Science curriculum meet the prescribed Professional standards by initiating curriculum review to ensure that Institutions keep pace with global best practices and development in the field of Animal Science.

The criteria for assessment among others are as follows;

  1. Professional content of Academic Curriculum
  2. Staffing
  3. Physical Facilities for practical teaching
  4. Financing
  5. Books, Journals and other Resource Materials for the Programme
  6. Employers’ Rating of Graduates, etc.

The significant consideration in the Professional Resource Verification exercise is the practical exposure of students to modern Animal Husbandry practices.

Curriculum Review of Animal Science Programme:
The Institute recommends periodic review of curriculum and course outline for the study of Animal Science Programme both at the under-graduate and post-graduate levels for the training of competent Animal Science graduates that may be registered to practice Animal Science to include but not limited to the followings; Pasture and Range Management, Micro livestock, Livestock Economics, Dairy and Beef Cattle Production (Indigenous [Nigerian] breeds of Cattle), Feed Milling Industry, etc.
This includes the curriculum for the Nigerian Post-graduate College of Animal Science.

The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science in line with her Professional mandate to ensure the production of wholesome food producing animals in Nigeria for quality and affordable protein has commenced the Internship training for graduates of Animal Science.
It is hoped that young graduates will form the critical mass of entrepreneurs in Animal Agriculture in line with the employment program of Nigeria in line with her large youth demography.
The Institute collaborates with Government agencies with similar mandates, farms and firms.
Relevant internship materials include:

a. Animal Science Graduate Internship Log book

b.Animal Science Graduate Internship Code of Conduct

c.Animal Science Graduate Internship Guidelines

List of Nigerian Universities visited for Professional Verification and year of visit.



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