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In order to further strengthen the Institute in delivering on its mandate which includes among other things to prescribe and regulate the standards of academic qualification and practical skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as members of the Institute as well as advance the education, science, technology and the art of Animal Science and livestock production (Part I Sections 2 (a) and (f) of the NIAS Act No. 26 of 2007) , Council approved the creation of a new technical department with the nomenclature Department of Training and Internship at its sitting of 20th June, 2018.

The Training unit of the Department is specifically saddled with the responsibility of organizing training programmes in all livestock commodities along the entire value chain including highly specialized skills required by livestock industry practitioners to engender food safety and meet with international benchmarks.

The Internship unit coordinates supervised posting of graduate animal scientists to approved livestock industry operators for one year internship programme that forms part of their training to prepare them for the specific challenges of the livestock industry in Nigeria.

Head of Department's contact

ADEBAYO, Babatunde Fola
Head of Department
Tel: +2348030655366

Nigerian Institute of Animal Science has commenced posting of interns to livestock establishments (feed mills, farms, etc).
Criteria for participation in the 9-month internship programme are:

  1. Fresh graduates of Animal Science who have been inducted into the Institute as Graduate Animal Scientists (GAS)
  2. Candidates must have concluded their NYSC programme.

For current vacancies for NIAS interns, please click here...



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NIAS Activities in Pictures

Registered Animal Scientists Inductees during induction ceremony at Ibadan 2015

imageTrainer and participants at IFIF Global Animal nutrition program: Train- the- Trainers capacity development for implementation of codex code of practice for good animal feeding held at  Sheraton Hotel Lagos Oct. 28th-30th 2015


Graduate Animal Scientists inductees during 2015 induction ceremony.