Project Management-Web 2.0 & Social Media Training

A Project Management Capacity building and Web 2.0 training focused on empowering some selected staff of the NIAS with collaborative skills and tools was held from 3rd November – 6th November 2020 in Abuja.

Organised by Agribiz Projects Limited in collaboration with The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, (CTA) the Netherlands, participants were trained on the use of social media and collaborative tools to create content, share information online among themselves and other groups.

The training course was participatory, and participants learned how to use Remote Collaboration tools, Online Conversation applications, Web 2.0 Intranet application, Social bookmarking tools and Social Networking Sites.

The general objective of the course with respect to the various tools that were introduced in the context of collaboration was to enhance efficiency in the field and office. Practical uses for remote collaborative tools such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, were demonstrated to enable staff to engage in online real-time collaboration on fieldwork, farmers support, linkages with extension workers and policymakers. Other tools such as advanced searches using Google search engine, google translate, personalised searches using different types of search engines and RSS feeds for learning and group curation of research materials were part of the practical assignment participants were excited about.

The training also introduced participants to microblogging tools like Twitter for live field tweets or survey information, proper use of hashtags for research, using tweets to share notes.

Participants were introduced to Blogs and blogging as a veritable tool for collaboration and information dissemination. There were several practical sessions using blogs. Each participant created their own blog during the training and the critiquing session was very helpful for them to learn the best practices in blogging.

The  Technical Officer for Agribiz Projects Limited, Mr Abe Oluwayomi conducted the training and was ably assisted by Mr. Abiola Felix.